Protection Plans

At Crowfoot Dodge we offer a variety of protection plans for your new vehicle purchase to ensure it receives the best possible care and safety.

Safety & Convenience - Road Hazard

Minor chips and cracks in your windshield can be a driver distraction and may worsen, eventually requiring a costly windshield replacement. Chips less than 1.5 inches in diameter and cracks less than six inches long are covered by the Premium Care plan and can be repaired in about 30 minutes at no additional cost to you.

Key Fob Protection

Small rips, tears or burn holes less than two inches in seats, soft trim, carpet and carpeted floor mats are covered by the Premium Care plan and can be repaired if caught early.

FCA Canada Service Contract

Mopar Accessories are engineered to be part of your vehicle right from the start, by the same people who designed your vehicle. You can count on exact colour match, precision fit, beautiful finish and years of dependable performance. Plus, each component has been not only designed and engineered specifically for your vehicle, but also thoroughly tested and backed by warranty coverage you can count on. It all adds up to a level of performance that generic aftermarket products simply can’t match. To view available Mopar accessories, click here.

Appearance Care - Paintless Dent Repair

PDR works from behind the damage so it does not require sanding, painting or body fillers. In most cases, there is no evidence a dent ever existed. Dent Zone® certified technicians are highly skilled craftsmen who use special hand tools to manipulate and flex the metal back to its original form. All sizes of dents and dings on vertical panels that can be repaired using the PDR process are covered. On horizontal panels, dents and dings no larger than four inches are covered if they can be repaired using the PDR process. There is no limit to the number of repairs within the term of the coverage.

Appearance Care - Windshield Repair

Everywhere you drive, you’ll find debris on the roads and plenty of obstacles to avoid. Even if you properly maintain your tires (which can generally handle the normal bumps and scrapes), inevitably you will encounter the unforeseen road hazard that can leave you with a tire or rim in need of repair, or worst yet, the need for replacement. Road hazards! We’re all familiar with them; whether it’s a pothole or a lone nail that takes up residence in one of your tires. If your vehicle’s tires are damaged by an encounter with a road hazard, you could be left stranded, or have to come up with an unexpected hefty repair. Tire Manufacturers do not cover road hazard conditions when you purchase new tires for your vehicle. Some insurance companies may cover tire hazard for an extra fee, but will often raise the premiums on you at a later date. Purchasing a Road Hazard Tire Protection Plan is affordable and offers you the peace of mind. Tire road hazard coverage is limited to the four tires on the vehicle at the time of the incident. For tire repairs, up to $50 of the repair cost for a tire leak caused by a road hazard condition is covered. If tire replacement is required, the cost of the replacement will be covered in accordance with a pro-rata schedule based on tread wear. Wheel road hazard damage caused by road hazards which are not included in the vehicle’s warranty. Coverage is limited to the four wheels at the time of the incident. For wheel repairs, the plan will cover up to $200 of the cost to repair a wheel if it becomes damaged due to a road hazard condition. If wheel replacement is required, the cost of a replacement wheel will be covered, including mounting, balancing, new valve stem and tax.

Mopar Accessories

While it can’t control inflation, or the price of gas, an FCA Canada Inc. Service Contract can protect you from the rising cost of maintenance and mechanical repairs. It can also be rolled into your regular car payments, spreading the costs throughout your ownership period. And best of all, any covered maintenance and repair work features genuine Mopar parts. FCA Canada Inc. Service Contracts keep us connected to you, our loyal customer, as we strive to build your next vehicle even better. Complete as your manufacturer’s warranty is, it might not suit everyone’s driving needs, nor does it cover the regular maintenance needed to keep your vehicle in peak condition. Along with any factory warranty and any applicable statutory warranty, an FCA Canada Inc. Service Contract will customize your warranty from the day of delivery and continue where it leaves off. Today’s vehicles are different. They’re more fuel-efficient and technologically advanced. Innovation has spurred the development of intricate parts that are engineered to work together, and one simple repair could lead to an entire system check.

Vehicle Protection Plans

At each specified interval, contact the service department of your authorized FCA Canada Inc. retailer for covered Stand Alone Oil Change. These plans are available on new and used FCA vehicles only, there is no age requirement on the vehicles and the plans are effective on the plan sale date.