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Seasonal Tire Storage

Seasonal tires are essential in Canada, but when you need to store them, you might find you don’t have enough room in your garage or basement. We offer a safe, climate-controlled, monitored, and fully insured storage option here at Crowfoot Dodge Chrysler. You don’t need to load or unload dirty, heavy tires when you use our seasonal tire storage in Calgary, Alberta.

Visit our Service Centre to learn more about our services or to schedule a service appointment. Our knowledgeable and expert technicians are available to help with repairs and servicing, and we use genuine OEM parts for add-ons, repairs, or accessories.

Did you know you can store your winter or summer tires with Crowfoot Dodge?

Save valuable space in your home or garage with Crowfoot Dodge’s easy and sophisticated tire storage program.

Your tires will be stored in a secured, monitored and fully insured, climate controlled warehouse. No more loading or unloading dirty tires in and out of your vehicle!

Give us a call at: 403-241-9500 or email our Service Department and let Crowfoot Dodge look after your seasonal tire storage needs today.

Seasonal Tire Storage

We consistently monitor the tires in our warehouse to guarantee peace of mind while your tires are in our care. Just tell your service advisor that you'd like to leave your tires in the storage facility, and our technicians will swap your tires for more seasonally appropriate ones. We will adequately label your stored tires and transport them from our dealership to the storage facility. We will then photograph your tires in their condition once stored so that you know your tires made it there safe and sound. Since the facility is climate controlled, you won't have to worry about the temperature causing deflation or degradation.

Store Your Winter Tires and Summer Tires

Changing your tires on a seasonal basis is essential to survive Alberta's harsh winters and slick, rainy summers. Your tires should have proper road grip to prevent accidents and slide-offs. With our technicians available to help, this takes the pressure off you to do the work yourself. We offer a solution to store your expensive tires in a secure location.

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